Deposit Refund Vending Machine iECO at We-Cycle Fair

ÜÇGE will be at the We-Cycle Fair to be held in Izmir on 9-11 May with its iECO branded smart products and systems serving the Deposit Management System, which will be implemented in our country in 2024 by the Turkish Environment Agency affiliated with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. He met with his visitors at .


We-Cycle Environment and Recycling Technologies Fair, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized for the second time this year in cooperation with İZFAŞ and Efor Fuarcılık, brought the entire industry together under the same roof again at Fuar İzmir between 9-11 May 2023.

ÜÇGE General Manager Esra Güven; “When we recycle the beverage packaging by separating it according to type, we can reuse these products as secondary raw materials. In this way, we consume less of our natural resources and take a big step towards leaving a livable world to future generations. "We hosted our visitors at the We-Cycle Fair with our iECO Deposit Return Systems, which collect and separate packaging waste, which we developed with the mission of contributing to the economy and the environment and with social responsibility awareness," he said.