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REVEGO, Will Leave Its Mark on the Future

ÜÇGE announced that it has established a new company called REVEGO and will carry out its recycling systems and environmental solutions activities under the umbrella of this company. REVEGO opens up to the world with environmental solutions implemented with 100% domestic R&D studies, production and IoT-based technologies. ÜÇGE, one of the world's important brands in the field of store equipment and warehouse shelving systems, has been continuing its R&D, production and software activities in the field of environmental solutions and recycling systems in recent years. With the decision it made, ÜÇGE announced that it would continue its activities under the name REVEGO by establishing a new company. The company will produce deposit return vending machines, public return centers and verification facilities systems in its new factory with an area of 10 thousand square meters established in Bursa Işıktepe OIZ and will offer it to both the national and global markets.
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Making a statement on the subject, ÜÇGE Group Companies CEO Esra Güven said, "REVEGO started its activities as one of our 10 companies under the roof of ÜÇGE group companies. With its 47 years of deep-rooted history, ÜÇGE continues its activities as one of the world's major suppliers of store equipment and shelving systems, warehouse racking systems, smart storage, digital system solutions and a wide range of industrial products. We are moving forward in a way to include processes and projects that will create value for a sustainable future in the focus of these activities. Especially in the recent period, environmental pollution and the climate crisis caused by the increasing population and inefficient and intensive use of resources have brought both countries and the business world to a point where action must be taken quickly. In this context, as ÜÇGE, we started R&D, production and software activities in the field of recycling as of 2020 with our iECO brand. As of the second half of 2023, we established REVEGO, a new company specific to the field of activity. We started to implement all our environmental solutions under the roof of REVEGO.