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ÜÇGE Introduced its Environmental Solutions and Smart Retail Technologies at EuroCIS, Germany

ÜÇGE Shopfitting & Design and REVEGO Environmental Solutions companies, operating under the umbrella of ÜÇGE Group Companies, took part in the EuroCIS Retail Technologies Fair, a worldwide event held in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Group once again proved its innovative role and global brand power with the sustainability-oriented environmental solutions and smart retail technologies it offers to global retail.
Environmental solutions and deposit return machines developed under the roof of REVEGO company were experienced closely by visitors with the applications carried out in the stand area. These solutions aim to increase customer satisfaction, as well as contribute to sustainability goals in the retail industry. In addition, smart digital solutions offered under the blu.xone brand attracted great attention at the fair. Blu.xone solutions increase the competitiveness of businesses by offering the innovative solutions that retail businesses need in the digital transformation process.
Can Aras, ÜÇGE Chairman of the Board, made a presentation titled "Renaissance in Retail" at the Connected Retail session, where he was a speaker, and made explanations to the participants about the company's future vision and transformation in retail. Aras conveyed important information to global retail representatives by emphasizing the importance of innovative approaches in the field of digital technology and environmental sustainability in retail.
In his statement, Aras said, “The transition from conventional retail to digital retail represents an important transformation. As the retail environment undergoes a paradigm shift, it will be inevitable for traditional stores to transform into dynamic centers that are a harmonious blend of physical and digital elements. We continue our work to improve both the marketing strategies and digital system integrations of retail brands, based on the behavior of consumers in the store. In this context, we are implementing the IoT-based innovative smart systems we have developed under our brand blu.xone. Applications such as smart store systems, shelf sensors, smart labels, smart order management, store and checkout density maps, ambient temperature, pollution and particle management that we offer make stores more measurable and efficient. Blu.xone systems, which can integrate with each other and interpret data in store projects, include solutions that enable hundreds of stores to be managed from a single panel. Our customers, for whom we designed the system, also present their store projects as the success story of digital transformation in retail.” said.

Underlining that they are always aware of their responsibilities in a period when climate crisis and environmental pollution are on the agenda, Aras stated that they are developing projects that will contribute to the sustainable future in the field of environmental solutions. Aras said, “We are in a period where many factors related to environmental pollution are criticized. Under the roof of our REVEGO company, we started to produce solutions to environmental problems with today's technologies and artificial intelligence applications. With the law passed in 2020 in Turkey, we first planned to initiate deposit return machines. We have been working since 2020. Deposit Management System will become mandatory in our country. This system will encourage the recycling of beverage packaging and increase environmental awareness. There are countries globally that have been implementing this system for a long time and are still in the transition phase. Our negotiations continue for the projects we will implement in the foreign market. “Our REVEGO company is moving forward with a more comprehensive growth target globally.” said.

EuroCIS Fair is an important platform that brings together retail leaders from around the world. ÜÇGE's active role in this event once again proved the company's leading position and innovative approaches in the sector.