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Our Environmental Policy

As ÜÇGE; Within the scope of our aim of creating Value for the Future, we consider it our duty to maintain the sustainable environmental principles, which we place at the center of our activities, throughout our entire value chain and to constantly improve our performance.
We always prioritize the protection of the environment by adopting strategies and policies that will minimize the environmental footprint of all our local and global activities that we carry out with the principles of Strength, Trust, Glory (ÜÇGE).

•To ensure continuous development and improvement by meeting all National and International legal obligations and customer requirements regarding environmental aspects.
• Considering environmental impacts in facility, product and process design
• To improve our environmental management system to continuously improve our environmental performance 

• Increasing the use of renewable energy resources 
• To raise awareness of all our employees and stakeholders about the environmental impacts of our activities and our environmental responsibilities through training and event activities, to raise awareness and to increase their participation.
• Evaluate the environmental impacts of our suppliers in order to improve the environmental impacts of ÜÇGE products 
• To protect natural resources by using appropriate technologies that have the least impact on the environment, within the framework of technical and economic possibilities. 
• Prioritize recycling and re-evaluation alternatives by preventing or minimizing the waste that may occur as a result of our activities at the source.
• To take measures to minimize the effects on our employees and the environment in case of any accident or emergency that may occur in our activities.