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REVEGO Environmental Solutions and Technologies Inc. develops end-to-end solutions with product development, software systems, digital infrastructure and storage systems for the sector within the scope of environmental policies. It produces iECO branded Deposit Reverse Vending Machines, Counting & Sorting Machine, Verification Facilities whose system and software are implemented in-house. It operates in its factory with an area of 10.000 m² with the aim of realizing all processes covering design, software, production, distribution, marketing, assembly and after-sales services in the national and international market.
REVEGO is one of the ÜÇGE group companies under which 10 companies operate.
With 47 years of deep-rooted history, ÜÇGE continues its activities as one of the world's major suppliers of store equipment, warehouse shelving systems, smart storage, digital system solutions, environmental solutions and a wide range of industrial products.
Exporting to 92 countries, ÜÇGE has 6 factories in Bursa, a warehouse and office in Germany and 750 employees.
ÜÇGE manufactures retail shelves systems for all sales points from hypermarkets, boutiques, pharmacies, DIY, electronic markets, consisting of national and global retail brands for the retail sector.
It also maintains its mission as the innovative solution partner of the sector by developing innovation and technology-oriented new generation smart products and systems developed in its R&D center under the blu.xone brand.
It mainly produces specially designed heavy and light duty warehouse racking systems, fully automated smart warehouse solutions for logistics, retail, e-commerce and industrial sectors in line with Industry 4.0.

ÜÇGEmoves forward with the aim of creating more value for its sector, its customers and the world for a sustainable future. In this context, as of 2020, it has stepped into R&D, production and software activities in the field of recycling with the iECO brand. Important projects were implemented in a short time.

In the second half of 2023, REVEGO was established as a new company specific to its field of activity. All environmental solutions started to be implemented under REVEGO.
REVEGO also aims to use our planet's resources efficiently, to create a sustainable system to support the circular economy and to raise recycling awareness in society with its corporate citizenship approach.
It combines its goals with the vision of creating value for the future.